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Piston Type Flow Rate Indicators-FRI


  • Hermetically sealed electrical contacts.
  • Better accuracy over the range.
  • Precisely adjustable flow setting.
  • Low maintenance.


  • Industrial monitoring application
  • Oil Monitoring in Lubrication and hydraulic systems
  • Flow switching in High Pressure Systems
  • Flow Switching in Cooling Plants
  • Coolant Monitoring in Machine Tools
  • High Pressure Flow Rate monitoring

NXG MTD make compact type, magnetically actuated Piston type flow switches are designed for positive detection of fluid flow through your equipment. FS series models provides adjustability over wide range. These are suitable for water, kerosene, Very low viscosity lubricating oils, gas/air etc.


Technical Specifications

Metering Accuracy : ±3% of full scale
Repeatability : ±1% of full scale
Max. System Pressure : 200 Kg/cm2
Max. Pressure Drop : 0.25Kg/cm2
Temperature Range : 8° to 100°C
Hysteresis : Depending on Switch value
Available Port Sizes : 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″ BSP Female


Housing : SS316L
Spring : SS316L
Float : SS316L
Fittings : SS316L

Note: Fluid should be very clean. Suspended particles may clog the flow switch which consequently affects the flow switch performance. Please take care of surge currents to avoid damage of Reed switch element. In such cases please apply R.C. (Resistor& Capacitor) network.

GA Drawing


  • Do not use excessive forces Wide fixing nozdes/ couplings. Use thread sealing for leak-tight joints. Do not hold switch in vice or wrench.
  • Do not exceed electrical rating of the read switch. Use auxiliary relay or contactor for higher current rating and extra number of contacts
  • Do not exceed normal pressure rating of the switch for standard models. Consult manufacturer for higher system pressure.

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