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WFS-20-S-1 – 3/4″BSP Flow Switch

NXG MTD make indicating type, magnetically actuated flow switches are designed for positive detection of fluid flow through your equipment. These are suitable for water, kerosene, lubricating oils of low viscosity etc. These are available in 6 sizes, i.e.1/4″,3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″ & 1″ BSP. Suitable size may be selected from actual flow rate. Flow range covered is from 0.5 to 100 LPM. Fluid Flow in the System is seen through transparent tube.

Technical Specifications

Max. System Pressure: 10 Kg/cm2 (150 psi)

Temperature Range: 80C to 1000C.

Electrical: Hermetically sealed reed switch.

Contact Rating: lAmp. 230 VAC SPST or SPDT.

For more options refer ordering information.


Couplings: SS304

Spring: SS316L

Float: DELRIN®

Transparent tube: Polycarbonate

Wetted parts are those which come directly in contact with the process fluid

Range Table

A B 0 H W C Standard flow Ranges
Covered in LPM
WFS -20 3/4″ 171 56 6.5 189 76 69 10-30, 20-60, 30-90
  • Do not use excessive forces while fixing nozzles/ couplings. Use thread sealing for leak-tight joints. Do not hold switch in vice or wrench
  • Do not exceed electrical rating of the read switch. Use auxiliary relay or contactor for higher current rating and extra number of contacts.
  • Do not exceed normal pressure rating of the switch for standard models. Consult manufacturer for higher system pressure.

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